Justin Halbgewachs – Lay Elder – on leave

LAY ELDER - on leave

Family and Work Life:  As the owner and general manager of a local small business, Justin Halbgewachs (don’t worry – no one else can pronounce it right either), has enjoyed living in the Kearney community since 1996.  Justin was blessed with 20 years of marriage to his late wife Julie, the mother of his children, who died of breast cancer in 2016.  In September of 2017, Justin was diagnosed with brain cancer and since then has survived three brain surgeries (to date), radiation, and chemotherapy. In the fall of 2018, as he prepared for his third brain surgery, he wed Cherie, a widow who lost her husband to colon cancer in 2016. Aside from work, he stays busy raising his 3 children and serving as a music leader at Cornerstone.

On describing Cornerstone:  Kids and the Gospel.  But Justin most appreciates Cornerstone’s biblical emphasis on masculine Christianity. He has been blessed by the influence of men who follow Jesus with biblical intensity. Being around men who fight hard to follow the Lord and display the gospel in their lives has changed his life.

His testimony:  Although he came to a saving faith at an early age, about 10 years ago he realized that he needed to stop playing games with his faith. He submitted to Christ in doing whatever He needed to do to break him. In His grace, Jesus has taken him on a vibrant and exciting adventure by lovingly breaking and reshaping him. This journey has taken him from the deep valleys of dealing with addiction, a church split, the death of his wife Julie, having a restored church home, watching his children’s faith grow, enjoying ministry with his wife for 20 years, and now building a life with his new wife, Cherie.  Through all of this, he has learned one truth:  Jesus is not part of his life; Jesus IS his life.

Influential books read this past year: The Glory of Christ by John Owen,  Heaven by Randy Alcorn

Bible “hero”: David - because of the intensity of his life and the honesty of his heart through the book of Psalms.

Hobbies: Writing music