Pastor Kelly Larsen

LEAD PASTOR - Specific oversight of Men’s and Women’s Ministries; Youth and Children’s Ministries; Compassion Ministries.

Family and Work Life: Pastor Kelly and his wife Tammy were called to Cornerstone in August, 2012. Although Kelly spent many of his formative years in Omaha, he met Tammy in 8th grade after his family moved to Tracy, Minnesota. They quickly became great friends, dating, and then marrying while in college in 1986. Kelly and Tammy have three adult children: one daughter and two sons, including two lovely daughters-in-law. They recently welcomed a beautiful granddaughter to the family.

Although Kelly had early childhood dreams of driving a garbage truck, by junior high he sensed God’s call to pastoral ministry. Kelly is a 1993 graduate (M. Div.) of Western Seminary in Portland, Oregon.

On describing Cornerstone:  Gospel-driven.  Kelly appreciates his leadership team and the un-critical, grace-giving people of Cornerstone.

His testimony:  As a young boy, Pastor Kelly grew up in a gospel preaching church. He was convicted of his sin and saw his need for Christ at an early age. He understood clearly that Jesus had died for him and responded to the message. He quickly saw fruit in his life as the Lord changed his heart. Since then, he has had experiences of walking away but in each situation, the Lord never left him. Through various means, each time God convicted him of his sin and turned him back. Kelly has seen His protective hand on him throughout his life.

Influential books read this past year: Religious Affections by Jonathan Edwards; The Whole Christ by Sinclair Ferguson; Christ-centered Worship by Bryan Chappel

Favorite preachers: Charles Spurgeon, Mark Dever, Matt Chandler

Bible “hero”: Jeremiah - because he had a long ministry with amazing trials and persecution and yet he persisted.

Hobbies: Playing games (word games, cards, and board games), reading, running, and golfing.