Be Different, Live Different – Meditations

Want to dig deeper into God's Word?  Use the following study guides as you study God's Word in your personal quiet time or in a small group setting.  A new study guide will be added each week as we work through our current sermon series:  Be Different, Live Different.  These study guides use the same Bible passage as our current sermon series, although you do not need to listen to the sermon to grow in your knowledge of God's Word. The related audio messages are linked for your convenience.

Be Different, Live Different "Meditations" Sermon Series

04-23-2017:  "The Law, Jesus, and Us" - audio        study guide

05-14-2017: "Righteousness Beyond Religion" - audio       study guide

05-21-2017: "Murder, Anger, and the Untamable Law" - audio

05-28-2017: "The Law of Peace" - audio

06-04-17: "The Heart of Sin" - audio        study guide

07-09-17: "The Permanence of Marriage"-Part 1  audio    study guide

07-16-17: "The Permanence of Marriage"-Part 2  audio    study guide

07-23-17: "What Will Keep You True to Your Word?"  audio  study guide

07-30-17: "The Gospel Frees Us from Making Our Own Justice"   audio   study guide

08-13-17: "Love Your Enemies" audio study guide

08-20-17: "You Must be Perfect" audio study guide

 "Meditations on Psalm 23" Mini-Series

06-11-17:"The Only Sure Ground for Our Comfort and Contentment"-week 1 audio study guide

06-18-17:"The Only Sure Ground for Our Comfort and Contentment"-week 2 audio study guide

06-25-17:"The Only Sure Ground for Our Comfort and Contentment"-week 3 audio study guide