NO YOUTH GROUP 12/21/2022

After careful consideration, we have determined to cancel our Meeting for tomorrow, 12/21/22. Please note that there will be NO YOUTH GROUP ON 12/21/22.

The current forecast indicates that by 8 pm on 12/21, we can expect an 80% chance of snow, 25 mph winds, and -21 windchill. According to the special weather statement, that could be precipitated by icy conditions. While the forecast may change, we thought it best to take a proactive approach and make this decision early in order to give our families time to make adjustments.

As a result of this, we will plan on making adjustments to our January calendar in order to give the students an opportunity to enjoy the Christmas party we had planned for tomorrow. We will reschedule the CBC Youth Christmas party for our first week back next semester on 1/11/23.

In order to get back on schedule with our lesson planning, we will cancel our Q&A that is scheduled for 1/25/23 and have a lesson from Romans that evening. The Q&A will be postponed until 2/22/23.  


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