Sunday Sermons

  For us to live as our heavenly Father’s children, we must engage with Him by maturing in our understanding of this adoption and the authority we are now under.
In his closing words, Paul gives us three key priorities for the health and life of our Christian community.
Because God is faithful to His promises, we can be surely assured that He will sanctify us completely and will preserve us blameless until the end.
The Holy Spirit has been given to enlighten and empower us to bear the fruit of God’s Light, but we are tempted to quench His influence both personally and corporately.
As a people who are taught and empowered by Christ, it is God’s will for us that we rejoice always, pray unceasingly, and give thanks in every circumstance.

Love for one another will lead us to speak truth to each other according to the need of the moment.
God gave His Son to reconcile us to Himself, thus making peace; and He has given us the ministry of reconciliation, commanding us to make peacemaking a priority.
The Lord has given you leaders for your good; and for your good, you are to acknowledge them and hold them in highest regard, always pursuing peace in the church.
We are in a battle for souls, and we are called to engage the fight through personal preparation and by purposeful cooperation.
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