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Recent Sermons

The heart of our purpose and mission is to worship and serve the Lord only, but this work is made difficult by the very real temptations of idolatry.
The Lord has given us work to do and axes to do the work, but we must take the time to sharpen our axes if we are to be wise…
Remembering God’s undeserved kindness toward us produces humility and gratitude, lending to godliness toward others and a focused faithfulness in our lives.
God is fully aware of just how dark and chaotic life becomes. As our great Shepherd, He brings this darkness and chaos instigated by evil and our carnal nature to…

Where is Your Mind?

August 20, 2023
Four reasons Christians should seek the things above. I. Seek the things above because you were raised with Christ. (1) II. Seek the things above because you died with Christ.…

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