Worship Ministry

Worship, for the Christian, is our whole life’s response to who God is and what He has done and is doing in our lives. It is reflected in every facet of our being: our words, thoughts, emotions and actions. We want to be a people who worship God every moment of our lives, and we look forward to our times of corporate worship when the church gathers to hear from God’s Word and sing praises to our Lord Jesus Christ! The worship ministry has a number of opportunities for you to get involved with and serve, including the following:

Music teams: The music teams consist of vocalists, and instrumentalists who lead songs for Sunday morning worship services and the many different children’s and youth ministries on Wednesday nights. Instruments such as piano, keyboard, drums, percussion, guitars and stringed instruments are regularly used during times of corporate worship. Rehearsals for Sunday’s music are on Thursday evenings and Sunday mornings.

Video Team: The video team works closely with the music teams and preaching pastor to run the projection software for Sunday morning and Wednesday evening services. Cornerstone Berean Church uses SongShow Plus software.

Sound Team: The sound team keeps the sound equipment running and maintained, as well as runs the mixer board for Sunday morning and Wednesday evening worship services. The team also makes sure that the sermon is recorded each week and is available for the web team to upload it to the website.

Web Team: The web team updates and maintains the church’s website. The team uploads each week’s sermon and notes to the website. The web team also manages email accounts for the church staff.

For more information, please contact Justin Halbgewachs at (308) 236-6994 . You can start by printing a Worship Team Application, filling it out, and handing it in next Sunday. For scheduling purposes we use www.planningcenteronline.com.