Our Mission

To Make Disciples of Jesus by Declaring and Displaying the Gospel Together.


DISCIPLES are those who love Jesus and
who are learning to live for Him.

The GOSPEL is the good news of God’s love
that led Him to send His Son to rescue
sinners and restore them to Himself.

We DECLARE the gospel by telling others
about the person and work of Jesus.

We DISPLAY the gospel by living out its
truths in relation to others.

These things (the4things) give visible evidence of the grace of
God in a believer’s life and make the fulfillment of our
mission possible. They are…


Church is not a place or time; it’s a community, and
communities gather.


Relationships allow for truth to be declared and love
to be displayed in more personal ways.


Jesus served us with His life; we serve Him with ours.
There’s no insignificant service if it’s for Him.


Every believer has a story to tell about Jesus’ love
and a gift to share with the community.