December 30, 2018

Be Happy in the Lord

Passage: Psalm 37:4
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If you find your happiness in the Lord,
you will have all that you desire, and you will be happy.


  1. What does it mean to delight yourself in the Lord?
    1. It means to make Him the object of your ________.


  1. It means to make Him the source of your ________.


  1. How can you learn to be happy in the Lord?
    1. By ________ Him.
    2. By ________ Him.
    3. By ________ your life to Him.


  1. Why will this make you happy?
    1. Because the Lord will ________ your ________ with His and will be glad to them to you.
    2. Because only the Lord knows what will ________ your heart, and He has ________ it to you.

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