March 7, 2021

God’s Wisdom for Our Lives – Week #6

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od’s Wisdom for Our Lives – Week 6
It’s Expected to Be Corrected
1. Over-Arching Theme of Proverbs: Wisdom
a. The foundation of Biblical wisdom: The fear of the LORD (Prov 1:7, 9:10, 31:30)
i. “Lord, I trust you, and what you say goes, no matter what.”
2. The fear of the Lord leads to godliness in everyday life.
3. Key Theme: There are only two ways to live.
There is a way to life. That way is called wisdom, which is living in reference to God, in the fear of the Lord.
There is a way to death. That way is called folly, which is rejecting or living without reference to God.
4. Key Theme: Don’t follow your heart – lead it!
5. Key Theme: The source of our sin is from within.
Key Theme: It’s expected to be corrected.

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