September 9, 2018

Purified for Love

Passage: 1 Peter 1:22-2:3
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Purified for Love

1 Peter 1:22-2:3


  1. Purified from what?
    1. From your empty life of __________.
    2. From self-centered, __________ __________.



  1. Purified how?
    1. By genuine __________ and __________.
    2. By continuing to put off your tendency to self-centered, __________ __________.


  1. Purified for what?
    1. For a __________ love of fellow believers.
    2. For a __________ love of fellow believers.
    3. For a _______-_________ love of fellow-believers.




Our times of reflection* may take many forms but here are a few suggestions:

  • Think about one or two things from the message that struck you by reviewing your notes or this outline.
  • What did you learn (or re-learn) about who God is, about who you are, about the person and work of Christ, about how God wants to change you?
  • Did this message reveal any wrong thinking or any attitudes or behaviors that are not Christlike?
  • What steps can you take to put into practice what you’ve heard?

Don’t be afraid to quietly discuss these things with your family or a friend during this time.


* Reflection is defined as “serious thought or consideration”.


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