2022 Nebraska Gospel Network Seminar – Overcoming the Stigma of Counseling

It is widely recognized that there is a stigma attached to counseling that keeps many from seeking help when facing the troubles of life. Why is this stigma persistent, and what can be done to overcome it? This workshop will point to crucial ways we need to change our thinking about what counseling is, how it is done, and what those seeking help need most. If you have wondered about the role of or need for counseling as a Christian, or if you want to be a help to others experiencing troubles, this workshop is for you.

All Sessions Delivered from Pastor Kelly Larsen of Cornerstone Berean Church, Kearney, NE

Session 1 – A Different Understanding of the Causes of Stigma

Session 2 – A Different Understanding of What Counseling Is 

Session 3 – A Different Understanding of What Must Be Done to De-Stigmatize Counseling

Session 4 – A Different Understanding of What is Most Needed

All Session Handouts

List of Mental Health Conditions

Discussion Questions for All Sessions