Be Different, Live Different – Distinctions

Want to dig deeper into God’s Word?  Use the following study guides as you study God’s Word in your personal quiet time or in a small group setting.  The following study guides and audio messages are from the sermon series titled Be Different, Live Different – Identifications.  The related audio messages are linked for your convenience and were preached the fall of 2017.

Be Different, Live Different “Distinctions” Sermon Series

08-27-2017:  “Motives Matter” – audio  study guide

09-03-2017: “When You Pray” – audio study guide

09-10-2017: “The Heart of Prayer” – audio study guide

09-17-2017: “The Heart of Forgiveness” –  audio  study guide

09-24-2017: Sermon Series break “A Journey Through Darkness”  –  audio  study guide

10-01-2017: “The Heart of Fasting”  – audio  study guide

10-08-2017: “Two Treasures and Your Heart”  –  audio  study guide

10-15-2017: “Two Visions”  –  audio  study guide

10-22-2017 “Two Masters” – audio study guide

10-29-2017 “The Heart of Worry – Part 1” – audio study guide

11-5-2017 “The Heart of Worry- Part Two” – audio study guide

11-12-2017 “The Heart of Worry-Part Three” – audio study guide