June 14, 2020

Don’t Take the Lord’s Name in Vain

Passage: Deuteronomy 5: 11
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The 3rd Word shows us that God is true to Himself and acts with perfect purpose and result,
and that we ought to be true to Him and careful in our worship.
1.What does the 3rd Word teach about the LORD?
a.The LORD is always perfectly true to Himself.
b.The LORD will make Himself known with perfect reliability.
c.The LORD will defend His name keeping it holy.
d.The LORD will always speak and act with perfect purpose and result.
2.How do you break the 3rd Word?
a. By speaking the LORD’s name in any way that is profane or unholy.
b. By speaking the LORD ’s name in any way that is needlessly repetitious,
meaningless, or thoughtless.
c.  By using the LORD ’s name as a formula or incantation to get what we want or
ward off what we fear.
d. By bearing His name as our label but profaning His name by our lifestyle.
e. By professing His name with our lips or even in our minds but by not delighting in
Him with our hearts.
f. By attributing things to the LORD that He did not do or say.
3. How does the 3rd Word inform our worship?
a. It instructs us to make God the focus of our worship in truth not just in word.
b. It instructs us to proclaim His name rightly and vigilantly.
c. It instructs us to order our worship carefully, purposefully, and thoughtfully.
d. It instructs us to engage in worship fully and sincerely.

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