June 21, 2020

Remember the Sabbath to Keep it Holy

Passage: Deuteronomy 5:12-15
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The 4 th Word teaches us that the LORD is perfectly satisfied and at rest in Himself
and that rest for our souls can only be found when we are most satisfied in Him.

1. What does the 4 th Word teach about the LORD?

a. The LORD’s works are perfect and perfectly delightful.
b. The LORD is perfectly satisfied and at rest in Himself.
c. The LORD is perfectly impartial in His gifts of mercy.

2. How do we break the 4 th Word?

a. By disdaining or even neglecting your need for physical rest.
b. By not observing and taking delight in the beauty of God’s creation.
c. By not setting time aside for the purpose of personal and corporate worship.
d. By not delighting in the Lord of the Sabbath as the ultimate source
of your satisfaction.

3. Gentle words of warning from the 4 th Word.
a. Warning One:

b. Warning Two:

c. Warning Three:

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