SACH 21: Q&A WrapupSACH 20 : Parenting Adult Children and GrandchildrenSACH 19: Teens and DatingSACH 17: Sexuality and Shepherding Children

SACH 19: Teens and Dating

The rights and privileges of a covenant relationship come with the intentional commitment to embrace the covenant responsibilities of that covenant. This means that Christians should think of dating as a Christ-honoring means toward marriage, and should not date if they could not or would not marry.
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SACH 17: Sexuality and Shepherding Children

Audio for this session was lost. Humans are created as sexual beings and the sexual development of a child is an ongoing and inevitable reality. Christian parents must take the lead in establishing a biblical framework for sexuality and provide a long-term, safe, grace-filled place in their homes for children to learn what it means…
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