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God has made a promise ​to​ His people and exerts His power ​toward ​His people and fulfills all of His purposes ​for​ His people. God’s promise ​to​ you. “You will…

Know God, Know Strength

March 29, 2020
The Lord will increase the strength of your soul as your knowledge of His person and power grows. 1. Know His Supremacy and Sovereignty a. God is supreme over all.…
In a world filled with uncertainty, we will resolve to help one another face our fears with faith.   I will give thanks… With my whole heart.   To Your…

Remember the Covenant?

March 15, 2020
The Law is good and right and holy because it holds out to us the goodness and righteousness and holiness of our great God. The Law is a gift of…
God’s power is absolute, and His works are complete! God’s gifts are distributed by Him and bind His people to each other.  There are consequences of sin, but God is…
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