Curriculum & Schedule


Little Beginnings Preschool has a strong emphasis on academic, social, physical and spiritual growth. Through a wide variety of daily activities each child has an opportunity to excel in all areas that are vitally important before entering elementary school.

God created the world and everything in it. Every academic subject that is taught contains a biblical/spiritual link that is direct-ly incorporated within each concept and or skill. Our curriculum will contain the eight core areas:

Bible – Children have a worship time, a daily Bible lesson, Bible verse memorization, and prayer time.

Language & Literacy – Through stories, direct instruction and creative play, children learn to read and write the alphabet and are exposed to literature on a daily basis.

Math – Children learn math concepts that include: colors, shapes and numbers, patterning, graphing, money, measurement and time.

Science – Through books, hands-on experiments and independent discovery, children learn how things work and about the world around them.

Social Studies – Children learn about being a friend, sharing, manners, safety, important people in our community that help us and explore how people lived in the past.

Art – Using a variety of art materials, children have the opportunity to foster creativity while refining their fine motor skills.

Physical Development – Children participate in activities that work on both large and fine motor skills.

Music – Children sing, play instruments, and learn about rhythm, dynamics, melody and movement.


Centers allow children to make choices in how they interact with others, where and what they do, and is a great tool to foster creativity through imaginary play. Many of the centers are academically focused containing a wide variety of hands-on activities and manipulatives. The following centers are available: math, science, writing, reading, house and building.


Opening Activity

Calendar & Carpet Time

Bible Lesson, Memory Verse, & Prayer

Language & Literacy

Physical Education & Music

Restroom Break & Snack




*Social Studies


*These areas of study are only taught one day per week, however they are available for the children to explore during center time.

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