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As we bring a close to our study of Deuteronomy, Kelly wraps up with a review of why we studied Deuteronomy, what Deuteronomy is, and the key reasons we studied…
Moses exemplifies the tensions between the corruptions of sin and the gifts of grace, and his final days highlight these things and point us to our need for the grace…

Saved, Secure, and Singing

September 26, 2021
When the LORD mercifully delivers a sinner from His righteous judgment, the repentant sinner is saved, secure, and is given ongoing reason for praise and gratitude.    
The LORD mercifully provided His people with a song of worship, warning, and promise designed to help them remember His goodness and justice and to stir them to repentance and…
The LORD knows the condition of souls and graciously gives His people what they need so that they may respond rightly to Him and fight courageously for Him.
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Life is full of an unending list of things to do with and for our children, as well as countless material things for them to delight in. What governs and…
Two things contribute to the development of a child: the shaping influences of life and the Godward orientation of their heart. Parents and communities of faith must be concerned with…
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