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The LORD promised to transform and renew His people, and we know that this transformation and renewal are worked out through the provisions of the gospel.
God’s command that there be no other gods before Him applies to all peoples of all nations, and He will purify the world and His people of all these so-called…
God is a rightly jealous God and will rightly pour out His wrath upon all who refuse to turn and follow Him alone and worship Him alone.
God is the Sovereign King who has taken from among the nations a people for Himself whom He will purify by judgment and whom He will gather and restore as…
It is critical that we understand human rights, governmental duties, and our responses to them; because governing authorities are God’s servants and opposition to them is opposition to Him.
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Parents of school age children are faced with new challenges and must build upon the earlier lessons of being a person under authority. One of the primary focuses during these…
In the early years of childhood, children go through an immense amount of changes. During these early years, it is the responsibility of parents to teach their children how to…
While we are living in an era when the idea spanking children is not popular, it is something God has called us to do. Children are not born ethically and…
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